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Celebrating Joy: An Art Gallery Installation

In February of 2024, MiGen, John F. Martin Photography, and a group of LGBTQ+ older adults collaborated to create a gallery showcasing our LGBTQ+ elders that radiates joy and serves as a testament to those who have
paved the way for the modern LGBTQ+ movement. With a shared vision, we
embarked on this project to spotlight this joy, strength, and resilience.

The smiles captured in these photographs are not only expressions of
happiness; they signify liberation, self-acceptance, and aging out loud.
Joy, in these photos, represents a reclaiming of narratives, a defiance against
invisibility, and validation of existing authentically and unapologetically.
These images serve as a reminder of LGBTQ+ older adults’ battles fought and
won, the communities they’ve built, and the love shared despite the odds. In
essence, the joy depicted in this gallery is not just an emotion but a profound
affirmation of life, love, and the enduring spirit of resilience within the
LGBTQ+ older adult community.

Special Thanks to John F. Martin Photography