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About Us

Formerly SAGE Metro Detroit, MiGen provides services, advocacy, fun, and connection to LGBTQ+ folks ages 45+. At MiGen, we believe in vibrant, authentic lives at any age, safe spaces and connected communities.


Jon Fitzgerald (he/him/his) | Executive Coordinator

Being an LGBTQ community member myself, I recognize the training and services provided by MiGen are critical, and I am so excited to be a part of a talented and dedicated team that makes a difference.

Angela Gabridge (she/her/hers) | Executive Director

This has always been where my heart is. I am here to learn as much as lead, and I am honored to be able to utilize my background and skills for the betterment of a community and organization I fiercely support and believe in.

Evan Killingsworth (he/him/his) | Program Coordinator

What’s past is prologue and the wisdom and experiences of those that came before us, can guide how we overcome today’s challenges.

Judith Lewis (she/her/hers) | Lead Trainer and Tableing Manager

If not me…who? As an older adult, I find my peers becoming silent. I lived through an era where SILENCE=DEATH. I speak for myself and for those who are afraid, or who have given up and let go.

Alberto Martinez (he/him/his) | Training and Education Administrator

It was the social support of older LGBT folk that gave me a fresh outlook on life. Yet there is still work to be done to support the aging LGBT community and I want to be part of that.

Kat Mehrer (they/them/their) | Program Director

Older adults are an underserved and often ignored community, yet it is one that we should all aspire to be part of one day.

Katie Migliazzo | Marketing and Communications Director

My hope is to collaborate, learn, support, and work to help people embrace their beautiful authentic selves, and recognize the value, gifts and insight that comes with that.

Gabby Peragine | Volunteer Coordinator

As an upcoming social work professional, my passion and duty lies in helping to enhance the well-being of others and promote social change on behalf of those who are vulnerable or oppressed.

Jim Sechelski (he/him/his) | Trainer

My goal as an LGBTQ advocate is to empower and fight for people living within the intersections of oppression. Equality cannot be achieved if anyone feels unheard or unrecognized.

Cornelius Wilson (he/him/his) | Chief Engagement Officer

I do what I do because it’s part of who I am and, in large part, because a lot of it was for me. I needed to know that there were people out there that, if needed, I could connect with.

Caitlin Kefgen (she/her/hers) | Training and Education Director

I have always believed that knowledge is power, so it is an honor and a privilege to help support my fellow LGBTQ+ community members and our allies through training and education.



Board Chair: Angela Lippard

Treasurer: Roger Bushnell

Secretary: Jay Kaplan


Kathleen Latosch

Michelle Fox-Phillips

Soumya Ragaranjan

Tom Wilczak

Courtney Mucklin

Richard Ginnetti


Pat Baldwin

Kathryn Bartz

Janet Hunko


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